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STIRLING, UK: Earlier this week, NHS Scotland released new guidance for the prevention and handling of potential respiratory infections in healthcare patients. Developed with the understanding that COVID-19 and other respiratory infections will likely surge during the 2021/2022 winter months, the guidance has nevertheless drawn criticism from the British Dental

LEIPZIG, Germany: It is no secret that the 39th edition of the International Dental Show (IDS) will look vastly different to previous iterations. The record 160,095 international visitors that attended IDS 2019 will be greatly reduced owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions, though a hybrid approach will mean more people than

Going digital in dentistry is now more important than ever. CAD/CAM pioneer Amann Girrbach has a long history of developing workflow solutions for dental clinics and laboratories. “We’re experts on both sides,” said CEO Dr Wolfgang Reim, who spoke in this interview about the company’s new modular Ceramill Direct Restoration