Month: October 2021

DÜSSELDORF, Germany: On 24 and 25 September, another successful CEREC Day was hosted in Düsseldorf. The event, which has become a prominent symposium for computer-aided dentistry since its inception 21 years ago, was also broadcast online owing to COVID-19 restrictions and featured a women’s day, during which renowned women from

Bag packing Ask your local supermarket if you can help customers pack bags whilst collecting donations. Bake sale For an extra challenge try to make them all sugar free! BBQ Beard shaving Birthday fundraiser Ask for charitable donations instead of gifts for your birthday. Lots of people do this via

BASEL, Switzerland: Biomaterials can often play a key role in many regenerative and restorative therapeutic approaches in dentistry. Proper understanding of biomaterials and their properties, biological response and correct application for the specific indication is pivotal to ensuring overall treatment success. At an upcoming virtual symposium presented by implantology leader

DUNDEE, Scotland: World Cavity-Free Future Day (WCFFDay) is a global awareness day and is celebrated around the world on 14 October. The campaign is largely community driven, and the events are led by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF).Did you miss our previous article…

Abseil Challenge yourself and face your fears whilst raising money for charity. Have a look and see which abseil centres are open near you. Action packed challenge Take on a bike ride, marathon or bear grills challenge and push your limits  Aerobics class Run an aerobics class and raise funds