Dental Care


Challenge yourself and face your fears whilst raising money for charity. Have a look and see which abseil centres are open near you.
Action packed challenge
Take on a bike ride, marathon or bear grills challenge and push your limitsĀ 
Aerobics class
Run an aerobics class and raise funds whilst getting fit
Art exhibition
Are you a budding artist? Challenge yourself by putting on an exhibition of your latest work and ask people for donations.
Organise either an online or in person auction and donate the proceeds to charity.
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Dental Maintenance

The good, the bad and the unproven: Study examines consumer oral care tools

BUFFALO, New York, U.S.: Does using an interdental brush help to prevent periodontal disease, and will taking dietary supplements or probiotics actually improve periodontal health? Researchers at University at Buffalo in New York have waded into the murky waters of consumer dental products with the aim of separating fact from fiction to help dental professionals and the public to identify best practices for the prevention of periodontal disease.
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